Monday, April 20, 2009

New York Mutuals Team Report

Traded former Rookie of the Year(3), 3 Time All Star(5-6,8) 3 time Silver slugger Award Winner(DH(3), 2nd base(6,8) Bernie Izquierdo to Little Rock Lusty Lucious Lap Dancers for Juan Hernandez(RF), David Castro(P), Charles Blair(2nd baseman).

Acquired All Star (SS) Bennie Acosta(4), Rickey Prince(RF) (AAA All Star (5,7) & Silver slugger Award Winner(7) from Minnesota PeaceFrog for Kiki Beltre(P) (Two time minor league all Star, HiA(4) AAA(8), and Arthur Adams(RF) (Two time minor league all star,LoA(6) AA(8), Three time Silver slugger Award Winner, SS (6) RF (7-8)

Acquired long time minor league player Ken Buck(P) 2 time AAA Allstar(5,7) from Buffalo Beagles for last years 1st round 28th pick overall Teddy Alexander(P)

We have one of the best paid and vetern Infield in the league:::
An outfield that can be one of the Leagues best:::
And a revamped pitching staff:::

C Stan Jackson ($4,300,000) Back-up C/DH Chad Miceli($3,000,250 +$2,500,000 bonus)
1st baseman Vic Perez ($5,800,000) backup Lee Nicholson ( $760,000)
2nd baseman Tomas Flores ( $2,200,000)(out of the league in season (8)
SS Bennie Acosta ( $8,500,000)
3rd baseman Max Bennett ( $8,000,000)
LF Tony Ibarra ($6,000,000 + $4,750,000 bonus)
CF Norm Zito ($6,250,000)
RF (platooned) Rickey Prince ($343,000) Juan Hernandez ($327,000)
DH (2 way platoon) Orlando Castillo ($3,400,000) Karl Shea ($360,000)

Starting Rotation::
Jorge Guzman ($1,400,000)
Jae Chang ($950,000)
Pete Lorraine ($5,000,000)
Ken Buck ($327,000)
Jake Leon ($3,400,000)

Relief Pitching:::
Tony Hara ($2,300,000)
Mo Bradley ($396,000)
Benito Bournigal ($3,500,000)
Paul Hayashi ($2,800,000)
Rafael Ortiz ($1,390,000)
Harpo Sanders ($360,000)
Ivan Valdes ($500,000)
Closer::: Tony Campos ($5,600,000)

Average age:::
Position Players:: 28
Pitchers::::::::::::: 30
Team Overall::::: 29

Rookies on opening day roster:::
Jake Leon(P), Ken Buck(P) ,Juan Hernandez(RF)

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