Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NL: Hot and Not

The hot:

1. Helena Vigilantes. The defending champs are out in front quickly with a 10-4 record.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers. Trying for a worst-to-first turnaround in the NL West, also starting at 10-4. They've given up 39 runs, the least in the league.

3. Boston Red Caps. Rookie owner cspring is pushing all the right buttons and opening with a 9-5 mark. This group leads the league with 113 runs scored.

4. Buffalo Beagles. Trying to return to the playoffs in a tough division, and Trenton's already breathing down our necks. 9-5

5. Minnesota PeaceFrog. Starting 9-5, this is my dark horse to return to the playoffs after a four-season absence.

The not:

1. Rochester Desperados. With a 3-11 mark, Rochester is struggling to be competitive. They've given up the most runs in the league and are being outscored 2-to-1.

2. Nashville Gryphons. A 2-8 division mark is pushing this team down to a 4-10 start.

3. Ottawa Awatto. 14th in the league in OBP, 15th in the league in OPS leads to a 5-9 start.

4. Tacoma Sasquatches. Near the bottom of the league in hitting and pitching, contributing to a balky 5-9 start.

5. Scranton Backyard Groove. Last in the league with a .233 average, first in the league in strikeouts. Not a good combination

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