Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New York trying to answer critics about recent slide

This was in response to the previous edition of the AL Power Rankings. KUDOS to piratestros for the following post:

The real season has begun. With 25 games to go in the regular season and late season call-ups can be made to help a late season push.

GM Tony Hunter has made some moves.

1st we called up and late season free agent signings(position players) Al Martinez & Geronimo Manto
Late season free agent signings Henry Christiansen & Steve Singleton
also we re-called Abraham Stull
and reinstated from the DL Osvaldo Montero

Pitchers we have recalled from AAA
Tony Blank,Eric Morris & Matty Ozuna

(Tony Hunter) We feel that having these veterns late in the season can show our young kids how to win.

Tony was asked if any other moves would occur after the minor league season was over?? At this time we feel we have a great group of guys we may make 1 or 2 moves in few days but that we are pretty much set on this roster for the rest of the season.

We have had a good season but we(Tony,BC Diego Rosa,HC Deivi Rijo) are, disappointed in 2 guys that has not really helped our team this year Norm Zito & Vitas Quinn. We signed these guys to be leaders on our team and at most point has been a cancer in our locker room.

Norm & Vitas was asked to comment on the comments only N. Zito would say that he had been batteling a hamstring problem all season long and was also disappointed in his play at the plate and in the field.

Tony was asked about the payroll.
We did sacrifice this season on vetern players and didnt go hard for securing our future in the minor league system. With the way the economy is we may have to cut our budget next year,but it all depends on if we make the playoffs and how far we go. Also there significant free agents that if not signed we would be interested in but we are not going to get in a bidding war for 1 superstar that wants 15-20 million a year when we can add 2 or 3 players for that same type of money. As far as international player signing we will not spend more than 8 million on one player no matter how good his projections are. We are not into being a psychic and fighting 31 other teams.
Wewill give and evalution of our team at the end of the season.

One thing before I leave who ever is in charge of the MVP balloting should be shot. Once again Calvin Lee is being screwed!!

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