Friday, January 22, 2010

Jersey League Welcomes New Owners

Season 12 has brought some change to the Jersey League as we lost a couple long-time owners. Commissioner Feamster welcomed the following new owners into the league:

msarg, Syracuse Siege (AL). Msarg takes over edwzipper's Syracuse Comics team, and in a nice touch, keeps them in Syracuse. edwzipper ran this organization well for 11 years so msarg inherits a fairly stable situation. msarg is fairly new to HD, with just 4 seasons under his belt, but his only other team--in the BIG LEAGUE world--has an impressive .560 winning percentage.

lostpike, Oklahoma City Pikes (AL). lostpike takes over deaconsoule's Tampa Bay Crowns. This is the franchise's 3rd owner and it has also been historically successful. lostpike is a newbie, but this is his second team as he's also got a team in Buckner which just finished the regular season at 73-89, not too bad for a first team.

highandmight, Colorado Pee Wee's (AL). highandmight has a challenge here, but a fun one. This organization had a long record of success with wlarson and lefty32, but was driven into the ground by the wild spending brooklynpunx, who signed gargantuan free agent contracts while ignoring the minor leagues. highandmight is a true newbie, so he'll be learning in Jersey. The situation certainly isn't all bad for him though, he's got the #2 pick and still has some quality (but expensive) vets on the ML squad.

speed796, Rochester Orphans (AL). The third owner in three years for this franchise. Despite the turnover though, this is a solid franchise which has typically finished about .500. speed796 is a longtime HBD owner, with 18 seasons completed. He's sporting a .469 winning percentage and has made the playoffs once. Right now he just has one other franchise in the Regulars world, where he's had the same squad for 13 seasons. We're hoping for similar stability here in Jersey.

fosco45, Chicago Curse (NL). fosco45 inherits a rebuild. This franchise has fallen a long way since buffaloqb led it to the Jersey League's only 3-peat in Seasons 2, 3, and 4. Since buffalo left, the franchise has now had 5 owners, so lets hope this one sticks. fosco's got a nice shot to rebuild this team into a contender, as the team has the #1 pick for the second year in a row and the contract committments are limited. fosco45 is a fairly new owner, with just 2 completed seasons, but he's got 4 teams now. He's yet to be successful, with just a .352 winning percentage.

cougdawg3, Vancouver Totems (NL). cougdawg3 inherits a successful team from nauds3000, who unexpectedly dropped out. This has been a stable franchise and nauds had it for 3 years. cougdawg3 is fairly new to HD, but he's done well, establishing a .517 winning percentage and 2 playoff appearances in just 5 seasons.

Welcome to Jersey!

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