Friday, May 14, 2010

Dealers Preview

In season 12, the Dealers lost their second World Series Game 7. They're back in season 13 looking to avenge that defeat. The team returns largely intact, and everyone on the opening day roseter saw at least one Major League game last year.

Contract Extensions: Max White and Lance Ward, the two home-grown lynchpins of the Dealers rotation, were each signed to five year extensions, in lieu of going to arbitration for a second year. Dealers opponents will be seeing both of these boys until at least season 17. White will make $6.8M a year and Ward $7.0M. The Dealers outstanding 27-year old 2B, Angel Galvez also signed a lucrative 5-year deal for $8M per. Galvez, with a good glove, great speed and 20 HR power, is known to be on the trade market though, so he might not stick as long as Ward & White. The large contract extensions have jacked up the Dealers salary budget, and after years in the $70M range, salary budget went to $84M this year.

Trade: In an unexpected blockbuster, the Dealers shipped out stud RF Harry Suarez for prospects. Suarez is a rare player, with splits and power in the 80s along with good contact, speed, baserunning, and batting eye as well as solid durability and health and he has a career 884 OPS. So why trade him now when the team is bucking for another playoff run? Shayne Browne, that's why. Browne has been an all-star at each minor league level, patiently working his way through the system, and after a short cup-of-coffee call up last year, he's more than ready for full-time duty this year. With 100 power and coming from the left side of the plate, he'll replace Suarez at a much lower price. Coming back in the deal were pitchers Neftali Alvarez and Tyrone Sauer. Some fans criticized the return for the popular Suarez, but the Dealers were thrilled to move some corner outfield salary.

The Big Question: Which Quilvio Castro shows up this year? In his rookie season LF Castro was amazing, slugging 60 HRs and put up 147 RBI and a 1026 OPS, with 27 SBs to boot. He took home the MVP, ROY, and Silver Slugger awards, was the Home Run Derby champ, and was named to the all-star team. Last year Castro hit just 33 HRs and his OPS dropped 267 points, and he laid an egg in the playoffs. What do Dealers fans get this time? Some fans question if the beefy Castro, at 5'9" and 223 pounds (70 speed, LOL!) has spent too much time in the casino buffet lines to be effective.

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