Saturday, October 16, 2010

Did you hear that?? Was it a sonic boom?? Thunder clapping?? A meteorite crashing into the Big Apple??
NO!!! It was the collapse of the New York Mutuals American League Baseball team. After having a huge lead after 100 games into the season the next 62 was a disaster. If we didnt know this was a Major League Team, and thats still up for debate, we could have sworn that these were the bad news bears.
Was Morris Buttermaker managing this team??
The bullpen was just plain pathetic. 11 Blown saves by the closer(Sandy Milliard) and a total of 29 blown saves by the bullpen. 69 SVO 40 Saves.
The bullpen era was a whooping 6.39 allowing 409 runs (374 earned runs) in 527.1 innings and atrocious 107 long ball givin up. The starting pitchers did an adequate job at keeping us in ball games this season.
Don Vernon should have been an Cy young canadidate this season starting 32 of 35 games and a 2.94 era with a 15-4 record.

As of meeting with the coaching staff last night we have informed, bench coach Angel Melendez, pitching coach Giovanni Little, fielding instructor and minor league operation manager Giovanni Watson, bullpen coach Hipolito Ontiveros, 3rd base coach Walker Carver, and 1st base coach Randy Benjamin that we will be moving in another direction and that have been relieved of there coaching duties and that they will not be offered a contract for next season. We have offered Lariel Cedeno hitting coach a contract to return next season.

We will not stand for mediocracy on this team.
Despite a good offensive team three players did not play up to there potential Gerald Pratt, Norm Zito, and Teddy Evans.

I want to apologize to the fans of the Mutuals this is not the way New York baseball is suppose to be played and changes are on the horizon!!!

This is our 1st year of posting players and pitcher of the year.
season 9
ML Offensive player: Karl Shea
ML Pitcher: Jae Chang
Minor league offensive player of the year: Glen Lange (LoA)
Minor league Pitcher of the year: Earl Page (AA)
ML Offensive Player: Norm Zito
ML Pitcher: Karim DaSilva
Minor League OPLOY: Jake McDowell (AA)
Minor League Pitcher of the year: Bob Tracy (AA)
Season 11
ML OPLOY: Ramiro Seanez
ML Pitcher: Carlos Prieto & Kirk Gardner
MILPLOY: Jake McDowell (HighA)
MILPOY: Darryl Whiteside (LoA)
Season 12
ML OPLOY: Ramiro Seanez
ML POY: Carlos Prieto
MILPLOY: Lonny Roque (AA)
MILPOY: Chico Cruz (AA)
Season 13
ML OPLOY: Ramiro Seanez
ML POY: Kirk Gardner
MILPLOY: Sal Moore (AA)
ML POY: R.A. Dixon (LoA)
Season 14
ML OPLOY: Ramiro Seanez
ML POY: Don Vernon
MILPLOY: Abraham Stull
ML POY: Pete Mathews
Season 15

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