Friday, February 25, 2011

Jersey League Adds Fifth Hall of Famer

The Jersey League Hall of Fame grew to five members with the election of Julius Costello at the beginning of season 16. Costello was primarily a left fielder, and played 13 seasons with five teams, but largely Seattle and Montreal. Costello ended with 496 HRs and 1,296 RBI, and a stellar .958 OPS. Costello won 2 MVPs, was a 6-time all-star, and also picked up 2 Silver Sluggers. Costello played most of his career with poor teams and never had a single playoff at bat. Costello's greatest year was perhaps season 3 in Madison, where he had 73 HRs and 156 RBI.

Congratulations on joining the Jersey League Hall of Fame, Julius Costello!

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