Thursday, April 22, 2010

Potentially Available Teams--Season 13

The Jersey League will be recruiting for Season 13 and it looks like we'll have 5 teams available. Contact Commissioner Feamster if you're interested. The five teams include:

Oklahoma City Pikes (AL South, 94-68). $35.6M in salary committed next year to 6 players. $7.5M is to the 33 year old Blaine Price, one of the best pitchers in league history with 212 wins. He was 23-4 in season 12 and with great health and good makeup, he might get to 300. **TEAM TAKEN**

Monterrey Cucarachas (AL South, 68-94). Should pick 9th in upcoming draft. Should be a good turn-around project. Pre-rollover I see two Ps projecting in the 80s (overall) and 5 in the 70s. Also a AAA 2B projects to 81. $37.5M in salary committed next year to 6 players. **TEAM TAKEN**

Chicago Curse (NL East, 53-109). #1 Draft pick alert!!! This team also had the #1 picks in Season 11 and in 12 and to show for it has a SS (age 22 pre rollover) with a 78/92 OVR and a (age 18) 2B with a 82/97. Someone take these marquee prospects and turn this organization into a winner. $24.5M in committed salary next year to 4 players.

Santa Fe Lobos (NL South, 80-82). $53M in salary committed next year to 10 players. This team has the 15th pick in the draft. Historically a well run team, won 89 then 80 games the last two years, but only 3 playoff appearances. Salary load is decent, mostly pitchers in their early 30s who are solid.

Vancouver Totems (NL West, 84-78). $19M in salary committed next year to 4 players. 18th pick in the upcoming draft. This team has been good, winning 90 and 84 games last two years. The contracts are to 3 SPs and a Catcher.

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