Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NL First Half Power Rankings and Awards

Thanks to ironman2011 for this contribution (takeaway -- if you have any beefs with the rankings, blame him!!!!)

1. Tacoma - league leading ERA

2. Minnesota - league leader in BA and Runs

3. Austin - 7th in ERA and 11th in BA - smoke and mirrors?

4. Tucson

5. Helena

6. Houston - 2nd in league in runs scored

7. Tampa Bay - league leader in SB and 2nd in ERA

8. Trenton - tied for LL in HR

9. Scranton

10. Ottawa

11. Honolulu - tied for LL in HR - this team is selling

12. Buffalo

13. Anaheim

14. Atlanta

15. Washington DC

16. Charleston

NL MVP - Very tough race to call. Nicholas Crawford (HOU), Tomas Calles (AUS), Sam McCallum (HEL), Ronald Rothschild (LAA) are all in the hunt. However, would currently give the nod to Vicente Martinez from Minnesota.

NL CY Young - P.T. Nunez is running away with it. He is 9-1 with a 1.76 ERA and .92 WHIP.

NL Rookie - Jake Watson (TAC) is outpacing Tanyon Moore (TB) and Gus Giles (HOU), but not by much.

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