Monday, July 18, 2011

Calvin Lee is your new Stolen Base King!

Congrats to Calvin Lee, who took over the All-Time Stolen Base record at 689 and counting when he stole 2nd base in the 7th inning against the Oakland Irish A's. At the age of 29, there are many miles left in the legs of this speed-burner, so who knows where he will end up when all is said and done (1,000?). When trying to contact piratestros on this great accomplishment, there was no reply (sad day indeed). The GM who was able to take advantage of a Rule V mistake and become one of the best leadoff and stolen base threats over the course of the last 8 seasons was not there to see this and may not be there to take credit for this great achievement. Lee was humble when asked about the feat -- "I only wish we were still competing for the Division title. It has been fun stealing bases for the Mutuals the last 8 seasons. They gave me my break into the Bigs." Lee also drove in the winning runs, singling in the 7th to drive in 2 runs as New York nipped the Irish A's, 3-1. I can't imagine any reason why he won't be in the HOF at the end of his career, and it will be hard to see any hat other than NY when they enshrine him.

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