Thursday, April 11, 2013

AL-E S24 preview part 1 - Pittsburgh Sluggers

AL-E Preview:

Pittsburgh Sluggers:
With 16 full seasons at the helm Larr100 has had some ups and some downs, with a massive upswing this past season.  From 51 wins in 22 to 79 in 23 I dont know if I have ever seen that before.  Not when the team hasnt changed hands anyways.  The question is whas it a fluke, or a harbinger of a serious contender coming out of the AL-E?  It looks as though this team is a season or 2 away from serious contender status.  Good thing is its pretty young, and with some key acquisitions the Sluggers could be in the thick of it. 

For the future we have an exciting prospect by the name of Russell Kemp, looks like he could possibly be a C with some serious power, he knocked in 23 HRs in less then 250 ABs.  Definately a guy to look out for.  Next up we have Phillip Bottenfield, another 1st rounder from a couple seasons back,  this guy has some real heat on his sinker, and should be pretty good at keeping balls from going yard.  This SP hopes to break into the bigs in 2 or 3 seasons.  A couple seasons ago Larr picked up a pretty decent IFA by the name of Carlos Olivo, this 2b/LFer should end up being a solid ballplayer in a couple seasons he wont wow you in any one way, but hes got no flaws. 

This reporter caught up with the wildly popular SS Fukudome and heres how our conversation went:
Greeny9; "So, can I call you Fucku?"
Michael exasperates; "ugh. whatever floats your boat"
"Great!, so Fucku you have had 3 seasons with the big club, do you feel as though this is your breakout year?"
"Absolutely, I think Lars is going to see my worth this year and give me the lions share of SS IP"
"Heres hoping Fucku!  I love your name, Fucku!"
"My names not Fucku! its Fukudome, its a common name in the Rhode Island Japanese community"
"Great, ok, well it was good talking to you Fucku, and have a good season!"

Was that a riveting interview?  I hope so!

Well, I think thats about enough for this preview.  Lets all wish Larr100 good luck with season 24!

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