Tuesday, April 23, 2013

AL-E Season 24 preview part 2 - Wichita Wolves

Its been nearly 2 weeks since I did part 1, I hope to do the next 3 parts a little quicker.

The Wolves have had an easy time of it the past 4 seasons finishing 1st in the AL-E each season, averaging nearly 90 wins per season.  Unfortunately the lions share of their players are 30 or older.  Looks to be a make it or break it season for Awilley.  So far Awilley has made no ML free agent signings and picked up 2 rule 5ers.  But with his good college scouting hopefully he can pick up a good prospect or 2 this draft.

One of the first things that springs out at you with this team is the overwhelming NL style offense, the team stole a total of 448 bases last season!  With one guy taking over 100 by himself!  Pretty impressive I must say.  With future hall of famer 2 time MVP 7 time all star Dan Blank reaching his twilight years but still a potent force the Wolves are possibly in a transition year, the question is does Awilley trade Dan for some serious prospects, or does he reload for a deeper run in the playoffs?  Either possibility is there with this team.

For the future we have an interesting 2b by the name of Kent Stewart, a prototypical Wolf with awesome speed and good baserunning, I can see this dude coming up this season and adding to those steal totals.  Yet another future stealer extraordinaire in Greg Volstad, this dude has wheels, alas his baserunning isnt the best, but he will be ready for prime-time this or next season for sure.  Another good-un is Lou Millar hes young at 22 with 2 pro years, no big surprise this guy is going to be eating up bases too, maybe not as well as the aforementioned Kent and Greg, but this guy has pop in his bat, and should hit for average too.  Pitching wise the Wolves have some hit or miss prospects but also this diamond coming up Heath Williams, this guy is going to be an unstoppable closer, a perennial fireman contender no doubt.  Philip Murphy is going to be a lights out LRA in a couple seasons too.

In conclusion this team has some bright spots in its future, but is Willey going to go into rebuild or go for the fences?  Either is a possibility, one needs to be decided as far as I can tell. 

Good luck Awilley!

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