Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad Moves Dampen Hopes for Patriot Fans

Several bad moves over the past seven seasons have haunted a franchise that has appeared at times to be on the brink of a World Championship. A quick forensic study of a few personnel decisions show that team owner Feamster may not have what it takes to fully realize the potential of the powerful Trenton Franchise.
These moves will be revealed in later blogs...
It all started with Jimmie Bell who was the Trenton thirdbaseman in Season 1. Jimmie Bell won the Silver Slugger and smashed 45 homers. The importance of signing free agents prior to their walk year wasn't yet understood, and by the time the Patriots made an offer early in Season 2, Bell was annoyed and opted to part ways with the dysfunctional management of the Patriots. Bell was picked up by the Colorado franchise in a huge contract and went on to have a stellar career. Trenton then mishandled the two free-agent picks by stripping the franchise of its prospect money and allowing the two high-ranking picks to walk away unsigned. Third base became a black hole for the Patriots until recently when Terry Barkett emerged as a bonofide major leaguer.

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