Monday, December 15, 2008

expectations are high, no sheet music needed

The "Groove" has missed a few beats in this my first league. Flat notes early have altered our overall syncopation. However young members have joined the band, tuned up during season seven and are ready to beat me daddy eight to the bar in season eight. Two fresh faces in Fonzie Brinkley and Stubby Barnes join veterans Wilt Mouton, Pedron Ricon, and Howard Scott in our starting rotation back beat, while Donnie Monroe joins our swinging reief corp anchored by all star closer Gerald Grissom. Grissom plays chin music sweetly with his heater. Getting down with the sticks, Calvin Lee and Bruce Johnson,both 1st round picks, join Robin Durocher an origional Groover who worked his way up thru the system to add punch and defense to our lineup of heavy hitters. Veterans Hideki Miyakazi,Troy Powell, and Chris Donovan combined to hit 93 HR's and 232 RBI's. Lee added 24 Hr's and 86 RBI's and is looking to produce more this year.Two time all star Filip Barcelo played near flawless 2nd base last season, 3 errors taint his play.Our "Backyard Groove" needs a strong performance worthy of Carnigie Hall as our division has been joined by long time friendly rival Tony23 who took over the division's last place team. Tony, an excellent HBD player, will rise to the challange and have his team pushing us in 6-4 time. This is the season the Groove rises above .500 ball (our high water mark) and challanges joemac and frog man for the division title. Now; if we ould only fill our league. Feamster's Jersey League sports a high ranking among all HBD leagues. We're proud to be a member.

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