Saturday, December 13, 2008

Potentially Available Franchises

The following franchises are still available:

NL South
Richmond Renegades. One-and-done owner TXLnghrn did a fantastic job turning this franchise around, improving last year from 49 wins to 83. He also signed the #2 overall pick Donald Ryu.

Louisville Slugs. After winning the season 1 world series, this franchise fell on hard times and has failed to win more than 77 games in any year. It has had 7 different owners in the usually-stable NL, so the organization really needs a solid new owner.

NL West
Santa Cruz Redwood. The Redwood won the West for the first 4 years, but then long-time owner kempner may have lost interest the last 3 years, as the team slipped to just 64 wins last year. If kempner does leave the new owner inherits a proud franchise and a high draft pick.

Honolulu Typhoon. This has been a consistently decent franchise and has been led by typhoon26 for all 7 years. The team typically was about .500, but spiked to win 87 games last year before crashing to just 63 this year. If typhoon26 leaves, the new owner inherits a pretty good organization and a very high draft pick.

AL East
Chicago Land Sloths. This has been a steady franchise, winning between 76 and 92 games for each of 7 years and is coming off of an 82 win season, led by owner stull.

Boston Big Sox. This once proud franchise has fallen on hard times after suffering through multiple changes in ownership over the past several years and bigjc led the squad to just 47 wins. The team signed the #1 draft pick this year and will have the #1 pick again, so its prime for a rebuild.

AL South
Charlotte Hornets. Another rebuild opportunity. One-and-done owner benfc led the team to just 65 wins, but he did sign the #5 and #30 overall picks in the draft.

AL West
Seattle Rain Dogs. wlarson held this team for 7 years and is forced to depart, leaving behind a fine franchise. The team is built on pitching and has made the playoffs three straight years; it is usually competitive at every minor league level.

San Francisco Earthquakes. This proud organization has 4 AL West titles in its past, though slipped to just 80 wins last year behind one-and-done owner scottso14.

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