Saturday, October 24, 2009

AL East Scouting Report, Part 3

New York Mutuals
GM/Owner -- piratestros (3rd Season, 125-199 Record)

Season 10 Recap
Record: 76-86 (2nd Place, 5 GB)
BA/OBP/SLG: .271/.344/.456
R/HR/RBI/SB: 916/246/880/313
ERA/WHIP/SO: 5.50/1.69/1,066
Sv/SvO: 43/67

Key Additions
Jerry Halama (P)
Jacob Raines (SS)
Don Vernon (P)
Gabe Eaton (P)

Key Losses
Pete Lorraine (P, Declined Option)
Tony Hara (P, FA)
Jake Leon (P, FA)
Sam Bell (2B, FA)
Paul Hayashi (P, Released)
Endy Hume (P, Released)

Projected Starters

C Ramiro Seanez / Ray Hogan
1B Rickey Prince
2B Calvin Lee
3B Patrick Reagan
SS Jacob Raines
LF Tony Ibarra
CF Norm Zito
RF Vitas Quinn
DH Edgar Abreu

SP Karim DaSilva
SP Don Vernon
SP Kirk Gardner
SP Jerome Damon
SP Ken Buck
CL Carlos Prieto

It's becoming no surprise that the Mutuals are quickly becoming a rising force in the AL East. After starting his GM career with a 49-113 record, piratestros couldn't wait to start the next season (who wouldn't). But last season saw quite possibly the biggest turnaround by a squad this reporter's ever seen. Finishing at 76-86 and contending for the AL East crown up until the last 14 games of the season where it seemed the wheels fell off, it seems as if this New York team made a statement -- this division better get tougher, because we are. The addition of Calvin Lee via the Rule 5 draft was a gift from above, and had arguably ROY (and some might say, AL MVP) were it not for the team's demise and his defensive liabilities. He stands to only get better, as does the rest of this squad. The only question will be whether the pitching can be better. Don Vernon has been added to supply a little improvement to the rotation. If anything, this team will be fun to watch as they run, run, run towards the shot at the division crown.

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Eddie said...

Today GM Randy Young addressed the media. First I'd like to thank ratatat72 of the sports illustrated,err, jersey league post gazette(FRONT PAGE JINX) for picking us 1st. Its flattering but its just pencil to paper and the results will have to be played out on the field.
We faltered the last 2 weeks of last season due to lack of pitching and vetern pitching. This season we upped our payroll to have quality and vetern pitching in AAA. It also covers us just in case any injuries hits our Major League team. We signed 7 veterns that will be in triple AAA. We beleive that there exsperiance will help us later or during the season. The players that we signed are: Tim Buehrle,Tony Blank,Donaldo Hernandez,Johnnie Key,Eric Morris,Matty Ozuna,and Larry Simon.

When I took over GM 3 years ago we took over a vetern but ageing team a proud tradition known for its power and winning tradition. League owners was appaled by the 49-113 record,questions was being waivered about the new ownership and what we were doing. I didnt go all out all the way with details. It would be like a football game were the head coach from Team X walks over to Team Z and say here is my playbook.
But we came to this league to bring back 80's baseball. SPEED & STEALS and exciting brand of baseball. Even if we dont win the division and not make the playoffs we will be exciting. Dont try to stop us hope only that you can contain us.