Saturday, October 24, 2009

AL East Scouting Report, Part 5 (Projections Sure to Go Wrong)

After displaying the scouting reports for each of the teams in the AL East for Season 11, I now provide the projections where I think they will finish this season. Due to my biased stance as GM and owner of the 2-time defending champs, I will probably be way off, so if any other impartial owners care to give an opinion, please feel free to do so:

In reverse order of finish:

4. Philadelphia Phillies -- I think that this team has improved a LOT since last season, and they will not lose 100 games, but the pitching staff is still too young and inexperienced to get the job done compared to the rest of the division.

3. Norfolk Phanatics -- This team is developing into a good farm system producer, with the likes of Brett Henry, Mateo Flores, and Bucky Gates. I just don't think they have done enough to make this team better. With what the Mutuals and Sluggers have done during the offseason, I just can't see this team making the necessary run to make it 3 in a row. I hope I am wrong.

2. Pittsburgh sluggers -- The team's 3rd place finish I think is more an underachievement by the team than any other explanation can fit. This team will rebound with a better record this season, but just will lose out on the trophy.

1. New York Mutuals -- The emergence of Calvin Lee plus the addition of Vernon will be enough for this team to win the division. If they can decrease the errors on the field and limit the ERA down to under 5, then this team will be dangerous.

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