Monday, October 12, 2009

Jersey League All-time Leaders: Hitting

After ten seasons, its time to take a look at some of the Jersey League's all time record holders. First, offense.

Home Runs:

#1 Bernie Gongora 621 HRs, age 30. Could he hit 1,000 before its all over? He's got a shot, with good makeup, good health. Scouts say his power has declined a bit over the last few years, but still among the best in the league. Plays in an average hitters park now after time in Houston padded his totals a bit. Betting is that Gongora holds the Jersey League mark for many, many years.

#2 Erick Webster, 529 HRs, age 32. His power hasn not dropped off one bit at age 32, but two years older than Gongora so likely won't catch him.

#3, Julius Costello, 482 HRs, age 38. Not much gas left in the tank here for this two-time AL MVP. Can he get to 500 before the wheels fall off? Or have they already fallen off?


#1 Bernie Gongora 1,469 RBI, age 30. Yup, him again.

#2 Erick Webster, 1,361 RBI, Age 32. Probably won't catch Gongora here either.

#3 Louie Hiro, 1,303 RBI, age 31. Two-time MVP, check out those early years he had with Colorado back in the glory days of deandg.

OBP (min. 2510 plate appearances)

#1 Dave Gardner, .440, age 36. Interesting player, amazing OBP, but never heard of him. Mediocre defensive catcher, slow, and not much power. But man, can he hit! .351 lifetime BA and plenty of walks. Free agent this year, will anyone sign him?

#2 Jeremy Richard, .435, age 35. Another catcher, similar to Gardner.

#3 Richard Whithem, .427, age 31. The big 1B! Two-time MVP. He gets on base but also has plenty of power, should get to 500 HRs.

Stolen Bases

#1 Braden Bynum, 665, age 31. Those big SB years in Memphis (season 5-6) really goosed his totals. He's still got plenty of speed, should get to 850 SBs, maybe even 1,000 if his other attributes hold up well enough to justify the playing time for a 1B/LF/DH type. In any event, I don't think Bynum holds this record 10 seasons from now.

#2 Felipe Barcelo, 444, age 32. How did this guy not get at least signed to be a pinch runner for a contender last year? Maybe he was asking for too much money. Still a free agent, but if he didn't get signed in season 10, doesn't look good in 11.

#3 Laurel Feliz, 421, age 32. Hooray, here is an ex-Dealer! This guy has 4 CF gold gloves and was a superb bargain signing for Colorado Springs two years ago. Never a great hitter, or he'd have more bags.

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